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I just got caught mid wheelie by the cops.

The story goes:

I just left work to go and grab some lunch. Pulled up at the set of traffic lights, waiting, waiting, waiting. All the traffic goes twice. God dame it I done weigh enough to activate the sensors in the road.

Finally a car pulls up right up to my ass. And it finally changes. Round the corner up to the next set of lights, weave thought the traffic to the front. Waiting.

Light goes green, I pull away then due to my responsible riding I twist the height lever on the right, and the front leaves the tarmac.


Oh shit, my heart starts bounding I feel a warm feeling in my paints.

So I pull over immediately.

Yes sir No sir. Set of lights....... sat there for 10min..... pissed off......lunch break.....10min wasted......no I never pop wheelies.

He trots off back to the car, looks me up in this computer.

Don’t do I again son, you have got a nice bike here. And I have locked people up for less then your wheelie.

Yes sir, thank you sir.

Safe, with only a warning.

I do have a question thought what sort of fuel economy are you guys getting out of a full tank of fuel. Riding both responsiblyand irresponsibly.

I have done about 180km and my fuel light has come on.

Jas, Perth, Aust



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Damn! I wish there were cops like that in NC....here, anything more than 15 over in a 55 or higher zone gets you an immediate 30 day suspension. :machinegu

My fuel light comes on around 130 miles (light to medium riding)...I think that's about 215 km.

Regarding the traffic light sensors, they have nothing to do with weight. They are magnetic sensors, and if you have enough metal over them it closes the circuit and recognized that a vehicle is sitting there. Unfortunately most sportbikes do not have enough metal in them. When I ride my dad's harley, I usually don't have problems with the sensors (2001 Road King). I saw an advertisement in the back of Cycle World one time for a domino size magnet that you can mount somewhere on your bike--it supposedly lets those sensors "see" you. Someone here may know where to get one....might not be a bad idea.

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I would agree at about 130 miles. I'm just about out of my second actual tank and am at 111 miles as of this morning. If I remember to I'll let you know what I manage when the light comes on.
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