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I was just about to start a thread on that when I saw yours Petrol. I think it looks more tended to now and nicer. The small details you know. Good job there.:rock

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it's the little things in life that make it all worth while,

little things

1 New look forums
1 litre coke bottles
1 litre milk bottles
1 litre sportsbikes

you know.

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thanks! Glad you like it.

I made another change so that all logged on are visible at the top in the root of the forum.
That's a great feature. always fun to see who's on.

If you got more suggestions, you're very welcome to submit them here.

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Very Nice

Thanks swedie and the others that do this. I AM without a doubt the dumbest guy on a computer that visits this spot:iamwithst ( you can easily see that by the content of my posts) but you guys have created a site where even a computer illiterate like meself can get around:yesnod The little smilie guys that I use too much also help to give a " tone " quality of a typed statement that is nice. Like a lot of others on here I like to poke fun and be a smart:butt sometimes, but without the smiley guys a simple statement can look more provacative than it's intended:machinegu :machinegu :machinegu :machinegu Thanks:thumbup
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