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when you order a new ignition do they just give you a new key pattern or can you let them know your vin and get the current key pattern...like they do on cars?

from the searching ive done...looks like its just a new key pattern then it doesnt match the gas tank and trunk.:( ive read about the double cut key but i dont think i like that.

what i have is an ignition cylinder that has only cosmetic damage...still works fine. if i were to get another ignition do you think a lock smith could take them apart and put the old guts in the new housing?

anyway...just looking for advice on how to approach this. thanks.

EDIT: ok looking at this it looks very possible to just romove the hardware and replace the housing. so if anyone has an ignition they want to get rid of let me know. i see a bunch of threads where people either lost their key or it broke off and they got a new one. if you have the old one laying around LMK. as long as the housing is ok...thats all i need. thanks.

also looking for a top triple clamp in good cond. 04-06
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