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Initial set up of Ohlins FG206's??

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Hiyas! I've just fitted some FGRT 206's to my ole 06 but have a quick question re the fork height at the upper triple tree. When I lay the new fork leg alongside the stock one, I noticed the Ohlin's unit was about 15mm longer than the OEM leg :icon_eek:

This is what has thrown me a bit. The manual says to fit the new forks at the same position/height at the triple tree as the old ones were. Correct me if I'm wrong but if I do this with a slightly longer leg - I'll essentially be raising the geometry at the front yeah? This def isn't what I'm after.

At the moment I'm just chasing stock geometry so using the OEM fork leg still in the triples, I measured the distance from the centre of the front axle to the very bottom of the lower triple and then replicated these measurements when later putting the new forks in.

Are any suspension guru's or guys running Ohlins here able to clarify if I'm on the right track to stock geometry by doing it the way I've done it?

Thanks in advance fellas!
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Need to take into account sag too as they may not be the same either.
Yeah, I kinda guessed as much.

Oh well, at least this 'issue' will gimme plenty of excuses to go riding in order to try and find the front end 'sweet spot' lol
unless you were super anal about your old Susp. settings, toss them and start new. Measure the distance to the bottom of the outer fork from the bottom of the triple. Match it to stock length. Then start setting sag (preload), comp and rebound.

Dan has a great basis suspension how to. Give it a read.
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