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installing a license plate hider?anybody do this yet?

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Well after only 6 months with my 00 R1,I finally got nabbed by radar on
a local road a few miles from where I live!He got me doing 73mph in a 50mph zone.
I could have lost him,but I was to nervous to start a chase,and I wasn't feeling to good that day anyway.
So I pulled over and tried to get a break from him,and he was not giving me a break for anything.I stayed nice
and told him a few cops that I know,but it didn't matter to him.He said his camera and mic where on in his squad car and couldn't do anything about it.All these cameras suck!He does know one of my cop friends,so hopefully my friend can call him and get it reduced.Its a $200 ticket plus 4 points and you know how much my insurance is going to go up!And I don't want to have to sell my baby because I lost my license or can't afford it anymore!

So I found this cool plate hider(see attached link)http://www.dynomite.co.uk/Dynosite/HTMLfiles/home_fin.html and I was curious to see if anybody on the board has ever installed one and if they have had good luck with it.Also does anybody use a radar jammer with any luck?My cop friend has also told me that once a motorcycle takes off at a good speed,they are not allowed to chase you,a liabilty issue if you crash and get hurt or killed,my family can sue the local police.Well I don't want to come off as a jerk here,I do ride safe and don't speed everywhere mainly on county back roads where cops can't hide.This guy got me while I passed his unmarked car!Any info would be great.Thanks!
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Not to start ANYTHING here but.....

If they got close enough to see your rear plate, you are already a screwed pooch:eek: Don't bother with jammers THEY DO NOT WORK!!!:machinegu :machinegu A good radar with earpiece ( I run a Bel 9451 ) helps, but only if they are bouncing instant on at someone ahead of you.
The bottom line ( absolutely no offence meant to the cops on this forum ) if a guy runs, it has to be a full commitment on a road you know well, and as soon as you are able, get off the road, call a friend to come get you with an enclosed trailer if possible................... and SLOW DOWN where you know they are for a while.
It's serious serious shit in oregon to get nailed for eluding a police officer. On the bike it's a class C felony, you lose your license, have to pull an SR-22 form with the state ( Bend me over and lube me up on ANY insurance on ANY vehicle------------ kiss the bike bye bye:( no one will insure you again )
So.................. as a fellow with many many years and many many interesting;) funny:lol and ALMOST tragic:cryin runin's with cops, unless you are going over 90, I would stop, ain't worth it. If you meet one going faster , it becomes a Clint Eastwood type of situation " Now, you gotta ask yourself, do ya' feel lucky??, well.... do ya' punk?? " :D

Before I get jumped on here, PLEASE take a deep breath and relax, hell, laugh a little;)
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Running from the police is very iffy these days. You will easily be able to outrun a squad car, but no bike out there will outrun a radio. My Brother in Law learned the hard way.

He left my house one night with his Corvette and ripped about a 30 foot patch of rubber leaving the driveway onto the road, bringing the car sideways when he turned onto the road, only to discover a Police Van coming down the road towards him. The Van passes by him and immediately slows and turns around, and he just bolts with the Vette. I watch the Van speed off after him in vain, by the time the Van got turned around, the Vette was already about 4 blocks aways in the middle of the city. But that was the problem right there. They caught him anyways. He made two turns before he came across another cruiser heading his way. The cruiser immediately turned on his lights and cut across the street, forcing my Brother in Law to stop. 10 seconds later another cruiser was behind him. Less then a minute later there were 4 cruisers in all, and he was being thrown into the very Van he blew by.

Keep your surroundings in mind whenever you think of outrunning the police. As was already said, if you fail to outrun them, you are SCREWED. My Brother in Law got away with a $650 fine and 2 years probation (anything more then a speeding ticket and he loses his license and risks jail time)

Best investment you can make though, a good police scanner, one compact enough to carry with you on the bike. I've got one, as well as half my riding buddies.
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You stated the obvious. I'm not talking about doing something stupid in a high traffic or city situation. Guys that want to show off and do stupid stuff there deserve what they get IMO.
I was talking about the VERY rural settings here on Mtn. passes, lightly populated and traveled where there are no legitimate reasons for the county mounties to be anyways. A few of them ( most ) are real cowboys with a superiority complex that is very evident. I've got a lot of respect for our State Police, but our local Sheriffs have been in many court cases involving excessive use of force, harassment etc. Personally I hate them:machinegu :machinegu If you lived here, trust me, you'd soon be saying the same thing;)
Again, no disrespect meant to the cops on the forum. The cops I know that ride bikes are all pretty decent guys. Sorry for the rant:yesnod
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I've only intentionally... ummm... vanished from sight of a pursuit twice. Once turning onto my own street, I live 5 houses down from the turn and the intersection i smarked No Right Turn, but I always turn anyway. There was a cop car a ways behind me and a hill just before my street. I figured he wouldn't see me turn. But sure enough, he did, and just as I was about to turn into my driveway I see him behind me.

Knowing he was going to turn on his lights and come after me, I kept going and went out to a very busy street and split lanes and hopped on the freeway and made a big loop back to my house. A few weeks later, my buddy and I are walking out of my house and a cop pulls in the driveway and slams him on the hood of his car yelling at him for that incident... he claimed he say the bike in the driveway (mine) and recognized the jacket. Obviously, the cop was an idiot. It was ME on the bike, not my friend. He obviously had the wrong person and he became very nice when he learned it was ME, not my friend that he had thrown onto his car.

The cop happens to be my neighbor and being new to the neighborhood he was happy to run our ID's and find we're clean. Then he got REAL nice.

He mentioned this and I have been aware of this in previous situations, that if they lose sight of you for just 20 or 30 seconds, you can beat anything in court. Why? With our full face helmets they can't see who is driving, so losing sight of a motorcyclist for just 1/2 a minute, that's long enough to cause extreme doubt in the officer's case cause he can't prove that he pulled over the same bike (unless he had your plate). But if you get away, they can't come back later and charge you for this reason... they can't prove who was driving it.

My two times of "vanishing from sight" have been in well known areas with heavy traffic that I knew a patrol car could never get me. If it's a bike cop, I don't even think of running... although if yer smart you can fool them. There was a case I was riding up a hill on a windy road chasing a Trans Am. A moto cop was coming the opposite way and as soon as we blew by him I saw his lights come on and he started to turn around. I knew it would take him a bit to get his BMW turned around on this narrow road, so around the next bend I turned around as well. When we passed again, he gave me the dirtiest look, but NOTHING he could do! ...

Judge: "so you passed a motorcycle going up while you were going down, but this guy you pulled over was going down?"

Officer: "correct. he must have turned around at the next bend where I couldn't see him"

Judge: "you didn't see him turn around?"

Officer: "no"

Judge: "so you just pulled this guy over because his bike looks the same as the other one?"

Officer: "i believe it was the same person that turned around"

Judge: "you BELIEVE? get the hell outta my courtroom. case dismissed"
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Quick thinking mxracer95 :yesnod Good stories too :thumbup
Update:my cop friend is going to talk to the cop that nailed me and see what
he can do.I am going to talk to him about his rules in regards to eluding and
chasing motorcycles.I'll post this info later on this post.

One quick note:I am not a cop hater.I have friends that are cops.I respect them
for everything they do,except when they are hiding in the bushes to be the local
towns revenue collectors!:butt

So some of you have vanished from sight!Nice going.I was also told that even
if they do get your plate,and you do get away.They can't prove it was you on the
bike because of the helmet.Not sure on that one.There was one story of a guy that
was selling his bike,the guy that was test riding the bike eluded a cop and they got
the plate,and went to the owners house.The only way the owner didn't get busted
was he had an ad in the paper.Might try that one.

So none of you have seen that photo of the clam shell license plate hider.Its way cool.
You press a button mounted next to your handle bars and the bottom lifts up and tucks
your plate under your tail.Way freakin cool.Its $100 bucks from a web site in England.Here
is the link http://www.dynomite.co.uk .I'm going to get it if they say it will
fit US plates and I will post pic after the install.:finger

Thanks for the stories,they were entertaining,especially mxracer,I must remember:rock that if
I pass a cop that's going to pull me over.Nice move,dude! :finger
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So here it is. Every rider has a story...I have four. I wont damage the bandwidth for all of them just the highlights of two.

So its the second week I have my 00 R1. I am on top of the world, oops untill that cop saw me pull that wee little wheelie. What do I do, well, he was pretty far behind me when I was at the stoplight, yelling for me to pull over . I look to my partner, and bolt. Split cars at over 4 times the limit and jammed. I got away clean. My friend casually turned off as the two crusiers came after me. Obviously they just gave up and turned off. I get a phone call a week later from the same cop saying he is going to only give me a speeding ticket cause it took so long to run my plate. Well...I went to pick it up and got arrested. Nuff said, you wanna play you gotta pay.
Lost my licence automaticly for 2 months for reckless, Then 3 months for not going to the dmv hearing, then for a year for violating probation.

Second story is very short and easy. Smoked 5 cops through 4 towns. Got away.

Other 2 times involved me being stupid (doing a christ) in broad daylight. Needless to say..I trick on back roads now.

I hope that my choices dont alter anybodys veiws on this website. I know it is breaking the law. I have this firm belief that if The cop didnt see me do it...It wasnt me.
Thanks for listening.
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England, eh?

I didn't realize you lived across the pond:no Hell, You guys don't have license plates over there, you've got BILLBOARDS,, or maybe that's a BARN DOOR on your rear fender:lol Our plates in the states ( at least Oregon ) are quite small, 6 1/2" X 3 1/2 ", and really can only be seen from up close;) You've a bigger problem there.......
COP STORIES?????.......... PLLLEEEEEZZZZZZZZ...... don't get me started;) One of my longtime riding and racing buddies has dubbed me the last of the real cowboys :lol All these years, and I'm still having, err..umm.. interesting situations occuring with these guys.
Yup, I need to grow up a little in an area or 2:( My reputation precedes me ( my OWN stupid fault :eek: ), and it's not good to be thought of as a notch in someones pistol handle;)
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