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I've only intentionally... ummm... vanished from sight of a pursuit twice. Once turning onto my own street, I live 5 houses down from the turn and the intersection i smarked No Right Turn, but I always turn anyway. There was a cop car a ways behind me and a hill just before my street. I figured he wouldn't see me turn. But sure enough, he did, and just as I was about to turn into my driveway I see him behind me.

Knowing he was going to turn on his lights and come after me, I kept going and went out to a very busy street and split lanes and hopped on the freeway and made a big loop back to my house. A few weeks later, my buddy and I are walking out of my house and a cop pulls in the driveway and slams him on the hood of his car yelling at him for that incident... he claimed he say the bike in the driveway (mine) and recognized the jacket. Obviously, the cop was an idiot. It was ME on the bike, not my friend. He obviously had the wrong person and he became very nice when he learned it was ME, not my friend that he had thrown onto his car.

The cop happens to be my neighbor and being new to the neighborhood he was happy to run our ID's and find we're clean. Then he got REAL nice.

He mentioned this and I have been aware of this in previous situations, that if they lose sight of you for just 20 or 30 seconds, you can beat anything in court. Why? With our full face helmets they can't see who is driving, so losing sight of a motorcyclist for just 1/2 a minute, that's long enough to cause extreme doubt in the officer's case cause he can't prove that he pulled over the same bike (unless he had your plate). But if you get away, they can't come back later and charge you for this reason... they can't prove who was driving it.

My two times of "vanishing from sight" have been in well known areas with heavy traffic that I knew a patrol car could never get me. If it's a bike cop, I don't even think of running... although if yer smart you can fool them. There was a case I was riding up a hill on a windy road chasing a Trans Am. A moto cop was coming the opposite way and as soon as we blew by him I saw his lights come on and he started to turn around. I knew it would take him a bit to get his BMW turned around on this narrow road, so around the next bend I turned around as well. When we passed again, he gave me the dirtiest look, but NOTHING he could do! ...

Judge: "so you passed a motorcycle going up while you were going down, but this guy you pulled over was going down?"

Officer: "correct. he must have turned around at the next bend where I couldn't see him"

Judge: "you didn't see him turn around?"

Officer: "no"

Judge: "so you just pulled this guy over because his bike looks the same as the other one?"

Officer: "i believe it was the same person that turned around"

Judge: "you BELIEVE? get the hell outta my courtroom. case dismissed"
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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