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So here it is. Every rider has a story...I have four. I wont damage the bandwidth for all of them just the highlights of two.

So its the second week I have my 00 R1. I am on top of the world, oops untill that cop saw me pull that wee little wheelie. What do I do, well, he was pretty far behind me when I was at the stoplight, yelling for me to pull over . I look to my partner, and bolt. Split cars at over 4 times the limit and jammed. I got away clean. My friend casually turned off as the two crusiers came after me. Obviously they just gave up and turned off. I get a phone call a week later from the same cop saying he is going to only give me a speeding ticket cause it took so long to run my plate. Well...I went to pick it up and got arrested. Nuff said, you wanna play you gotta pay.
Lost my licence automaticly for 2 months for reckless, Then 3 months for not going to the dmv hearing, then for a year for violating probation.

Second story is very short and easy. Smoked 5 cops through 4 towns. Got away.

Other 2 times involved me being stupid (doing a christ) in broad daylight. Needless to say..I trick on back roads now.

I hope that my choices dont alter anybodys veiws on this website. I know it is breaking the law. I have this firm belief that if The cop didnt see me do it...It wasnt me.
Thanks for listening.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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