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Installing aftermarket brake lines for '04 R1 - Profit from my experience!

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Hi All,

I just got done installing Galfer brake lines on my '04 R1. I ran into some issues and wanted to share and hopefully save some folks a bit of frustration.

The top banjo bolt for the '04 Brembo master cylinder bolts from the bottom, which is tricky enough to deal with. However, even worse, with a bulkier double-line aftermarket setup, there is basically NO clearance between the fork leg and the throttle cables to get the banjo bolt aligned and threaded in. After a lot of cursing, I realized the only reasonable way to get the bolt in was to disassemble the throttle cable housing so I could move the throttle cables out of the way.

That said, the top bleeder on the Brembo MC is a great addition, and I've never had an easier time bleeding a brake system (once I got the damn lines on). My brake lever is hard as a rock now :)
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Great info! Hey are the 04 lines the same as the 02-03 or do I have to find 04 lines? Oh duh, here's an easier question.... Where did you get your lines? :2bitchsla
I have Goodridge SS lines on the 02 and I love 'em...
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