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I'm assuming this happens whilst you are riding.

Have you noticed if while the panel lights go off the rev counter also drops to zero?

Does it happen while you are breaking?

And do you indicators slow/stop working too?

I had this happening to me a few weeks back(and on a previous bike), it was a near flat battery, brought on by a shagged rectifier, changed recifier - problem sorted! There are other causes for the battery not to charge, such as a faulty connection(generally this seems to be at the front left clusters, under the infill), or it could be the stator coil being burnt out/faulty. I'd check connections and coil condition first, then fully recharge battery and see if it starts again. Although this can be hard to judge as new/newish batteries still self charge quite alot when not in use. If all's okay and it still occurs replace the recifier(?25-40) Although, I just went straight for the recifier replacement option and sorted it straight away.

Hope this is of some help!:thumbup
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