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My iPhone used to connect to my CCU, however, since I updated to iOS 13.1.2, 13.1.3 and now 13.2 it no longer works

I can access the Yamaha motor WiFi

I have gone through the steps to register the CCU to the app...

But when I try to download... this is what I get..

I’ve spoken to the Yamaha technical department at Yamaha UK who said a few people have made them aware of this issue.

I asked what they are going about it and initially they said it’s an Apple problem.

Now I really don’t know who’s problem it is, Apple or Yamaha?

I asked if Yamaha has flagged this up to Apple, he said it’s been raised with Yamaha Europe who should raise it with the Factory in Japan. I asked if he could chase it up and he said once it’s been sent to Yamaha Europe it’s out of Yamaha UKs hands...

So where do I go from here?

Are any of you having problems connecting your iPhone to your CCU since you updated to the latest iOS? .... the reason I ask is I’m questioning myself... have I done something to stop it working by accident... I just don’t know.

Any thoughts welcome as always



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