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I just was thinking that I maybe
able to get the 02 R1.

But I am not going to buy it in NYC
because they cheat you badly.

Inshort I am thinking about takin the
trip up to Canada. But I just wanted to know if there
is a difference in emissions or in the tach readings
between the Canadian and the US versions if there
is any.

And will I have a problem getting the bike through
Customs. THANKX in advance.


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The only problem you will have is that the main numbers on the spedo are in kph, you do have mph on the spedo but the numbers are much smaller. Other than that it's easy as hell, you don't pay tax here in canada as you're from the states, but you have to pay the tax when you bring it back across the border , as it was made in japan.

Other than that, it's really easy to do!

Speak to a canadian dealer they'll help you out with it, that is if you can find one with and 02 r1 left, all the r1's around me have been sold for weeks!

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I'm Canadian, and I have sold one of my bikes to an American once...Our emissions were the same as yours, for a new bike it won't be a problem to pass. You just have to flip the jumpers on the instrument panel to have the speedo read english units and not metric. Our motorcycles are the cheapest in the free world, but you'll have to pay sales tax here and probably at the border when you take it home.

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Ya, I jsut got my '02 R1, and apparently you can't get anymore around here in Ontario, Canada until next year. They have been sold out since January. I'll sell you mine for like $20,000. U.S....*laughs*
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