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ixil pipes

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What do you know about ixil silencers ?
-if it is a silencer it also reduce hp? :confused:
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i have an ixil pipe on my 01. i love it. the high mount looks sweet. i can tell you that the sound is deep and throaty, kinda like a akra pipe sounds but a little deeper. i personally think it is quiter due to it being a deeper sound. as for performance it gives a lot of boost in the midrange, very noticable! as for the bottom end you gotta rev it a little more. i think it needs jetted to get rid of the slight hesitation when you gas it in 1st. if you want a deep sound and lots of mid and more top end then you will be happy. you can check out the dyno chart and some pics at www.indysuperbikes.com . good luck!!!!:cool:
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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