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Just [and i mean quite literally just] got back from a blast up the local by-pass on my mates 02 with his new TI AKRA,sounds great,seems to pick up quicker and the sound as you "blip it" and come down the box is awesome, now,considering i"m not "into"noisy cans,this is quite a statement for me to be making and unfortunately,this is where the story takes a downward slope, cos as i"m giving it some fist so as to sample the "extra" top end rush,i am met with the local traffic who have set up a sort of semi road block and promptly wave me over,fortunately,the dim evening/night light prevented them from using their lazer to good effect,but the point of this little tale becomes apparant when i quote the nice friendly police man " i heard you coming for fu£$ing miles,in fact i thought you were travelling a lot faster than you actually were" Anyway,i got a producer/rectification notice and home i"ve come, never really thought about how having a noisy can means you can be heard from further/earlier and attracts attention,i"m definitely keeping my stock 03 TI-can,anyone ever painted one ?? got pics ?? my 03"s a red/black, i think black is the only colour i could go to,what do you think? Check out my sig,seems to me i"m pushing my luck lately!!!
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