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:no Tänkte köpa en r1á från tyskland vet någon vad jag ska se upp med på en sådan mc en 98á ca 1400mil såg kanon fin ut men den kan ju ha dålda fel.....

är det någon som känner till några vanliga fel på en r1á (98) så jag kan kolla detta.:D

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skriv på engelska..nästa gång.

I'll translate:
I'm going to buy a '98 R1 from Germany.. = import. Is there something special I should look out for?

What are the usal issues with the '98 R1?

Well.. is it a person or a dealer you've got it from?
If it is a normal person then why would Germans be more untruthful than some Swede would? :)

The usual things you should look out for is cracks in fairing and bults.. and stuff around the engine. Make sure there are no mishaps in the engine.
Ask if the bike has gotten oil chance regularly and all services.. look for * (stars) next to the serial number.. the more * .. the better.

If you've had other bikes. you'll feel if there's something wrong with the bike if you test drive it.
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