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The Dovahkiin
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DYNASTY21 05R1 said:
Hey bro, I wont be making it out to meet you guy sup but I will definitely see you at Friscos.
No problem.

So is anyone else coming from over this way? If not, I'll probably just chalk it up as a loss.

You knoWWWW!
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A_spec said:
I got bike bike dyno'ed there and I left. =)

How did it turn out? What's your reading?

I don't think it's accurate as they kept doing bikes right after bikes. Doesn't that count for thecircumstances when dynoing? Especially it was inside a trailer. :dunno :dunno :dunno

Faster than a speeding ticket
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Mine is completly stock so I can have a baseline.

I posted Max Hp at 151.13 Average 147.33

Top speed of 184mph.

I'll be putting marchesini's(maybe), full synt. oil and a k&n oil fiter.
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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