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i"d check simpler things forst!

1-there was a recall on all 98-99 bikes;

lift the tank,take off the airbox,take off the heat shield/coils plate(rubber) and look at the center top of the motor(most forward point);there you"ll see some 3/4 inch hoses going into something that look like a pump(its not);check and re-tight those first...if the coolant comes from there,you should see remnants of thew problems splashed everywhere.

2-could be the head cover gasket that is blown too...

it has the tendency to break around the cams position(check for the semi-circles parts that can be seen on the sides of the head)the semi-circles just split internally...but if it is that,it means you got an internal(crankcase) pressure building problem...your vent is not working properly and you then should get a:

1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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