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Leaking coolant?

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When I pull my bike hard I can notice that there is leaking out coolant water from somewhere. I don't know exactly where it is coming from.

The other day though there was a massive amount of this water on the left side of the bike. But that day I discovered that the big fat hose going to the cooalnt on the right hand side of the bike wasn't put on right and didn't have that "thing" screwed on. it was hanging loose. So I figured since I was probably doing some highspeed runs the water was travelling through the bike to the other side.

I noticed once again yesterday after washing the bike that there was more.. but not as much this time.. water on the left side of the bike. But now that hose is put on correctly.

What could it be?
Some sort of gasket that has broke? Can I change the headgasket without.. umh.. no I can't. I have to loosen the engine and bend it downwards. argh! I don't wanna.

Any ideas?

I know it is coolant water since the little box with extra water in it was completely empty.

excuse my english.. I'm drunk :beer j/k :D
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I filled up water the other day and it was gone today.

I've now replaced the top of my engine with my old engine's top. Just incase there was a leak somewhere...

How do I check if the pump is bad? ...

I see the dried up water (looks white) on the left side of the bike only. It's spread all over the right hand side.

I haven't taken the bike out for a ride yet. will do tomorrow.
Well as I said..if there is in fact a drain hole on the water pump....and water is coming out of it then it's a bad pump. If there is no drain hole on the pump...then sorry I really don't know how else to check it. Your dumping ALOT of water fast. I would say run the bike hard....then stop and keep the bike running...let it idle till the fan comes on and check for leaks. Usually your water will come out the most when it's running due to pressure from steam and heat. You should be able to easily find where it's leaking from that way. It's coming from somewhere and so you should be able to see where. When you changed heads did you notice any water besides what may have leaked out from the water jackets? Also...can't hurt but pull your oil pan. I know someone said that there should or will not be water in your oil due to something not allowing this to happen BUT...as I said...it can't hurt to check.
Here is a little something to think about and maybe help'


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And this also:


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Ok here is a pic of my bike when my head had to be changed, note my bike only had 1200 milles on it it was still new. That white stuff is dried up coolant from the leak in the head.


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You sure that's coolant and not what you sprayed on your bike just thinking about the next ride? :0
i only wish, they had my bike for a long time, brought it them on september 11th :( i remeber this because of all the footage of the twin towers on the tv they had on and got the bike back in october 29th the day i took that pic.
That is EXACTLY how my coolant water was sprayed over my bike. Thank you. That just confirms that the gasket for the top must be broken cuz there was no visible dent on the top.

I'll take the bike out for a spin and see if it still leaks. If it is.... I'll buy a new gasket.. which probably is all I need.
It seem to be working! :thumbup
well, i still have not gotten my bike back from the shop for my bad water pump. it's been 5 weeks since i last saw my beast:cryin
I thought I fixed mine.. still not working. I have to fill up all the time. What's wrong?

If the pump would be bad, then I'd have a overheating problem.. and I don't!
Hi Swedie, check the area above the EXUP. See if there any white stain on the exup and like i said before i have encountered this also.

Have to fill up my coolant because it leaked from below the bottom crankcase cover and the white stain was the coolant that dried up when it touched the hot EXUP valve.:rock :iamwithst
Swedie said:
I thought I fixed mine.. still not working. I have to fill up all the time. What's wrong?

If the pump would be bad, then I'd have a overheating problem.. and I don't!
when my pump went bad, the bike was not overheating, it just leaked coolant thru the overflow hole down there by the EXUP valve.
well thing is that I can't see any leaking coolant right now....

it did leak coolant from the top of the engine before I change the bearing there.. now it doesn't leak from there anymore.

I'll run some more.. if it goes dry in the white thingy on the right hand side of the bike with extra coolant in it.. I'll see about buying a new pump, but damn. I don't wanna!!!

If you have a leak, or the pump is bad you may not notice that you have a heat problem. The temp gauge might very well still be reading normal temps, or most likely a bit lower than normal. Why? Two reasons. 1, If it has a coolant leak then the coolant cannot build pressure. As soon as the temp starts to rise so does the coolant pressure and then all your coolant leaks out. It can never reach temp on the gauge as the coolant cannot be pressurized as it needs to be to keep the water from boiling. 2, if the water pump is bad and not pumping water through the motor and radiator, then the temp gauge is reading the water temp in the radiator, witch is cool as it is not traveling through the motor.

I would be checking the hose's on top of the valve cover first. Then check the pump to see if it is leaking. All water pumps have a weep hole built into them. When you see coolant coming from this hole the water pump is bad. The seals are leaking inside the pump, and it needs to be replaced.

good luck Swedie
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okay, may I get the seals only for the water pump? getting a brand new water pump is just way too expensive for my current economy
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