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LeoVinci vs Devil High Mount

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Can anyone tell me the sound difference between these 2 pipes? My decision has come down to these two pipes. Quality and price are the same. I want something that sounds throtty but isnt extremely loud.
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that's why I picked the devil for the group buy

Hey man, basically like I've said and like many other people have said, the Devil is like the best of Micron and 2 bros sound put together - it is throaty and smooth as hell - really nice tone... As you probably know Micron is the originator of that trademark throaty mean-ass sound...

Everyone that has ridden with me and heard that pipe is knocked out - they really sound spectacular and do not sound annoying and high pitched. The leo vinci is a gorgeous pipe for sure - but I've heard a thousand of them and they are certainly a higher pitch than the devil.

The other reason I think devil is the better choice is because no one has them....it just pisses me off that everyone and their grandmother has a yosh or a micron or an akrapovic...to be fair, all of those pipes are great- I mean no one is going to say that micron or akra does not make a fantastic exhaust...but the downside is you're just another one of a zillion people with the same shit.

anyhow- it's your choice - we already have alot of people who've got in on the groupb buy, and thanks to all of those people - but the offer still stands for probably another 2 weeks or so, so if you decide to go with the devil, rob is there and will hook you up - either way best of luck and post pictures in any event.
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all preference

Man, it is so your call - I mean it's all what floats your boat...personally I always thought the Leos sounded kinda whiny...but there's a thousand people who love em and probably would say the devils suck....it is all preference

the leo is clean for sure - either way you can't go wrong. just make sure you see the 2002 Leo and NOT the 01, because they're different. both pipes are very well made
awesome bro!!!

DUde, you're gonna be impressed - I'm gonna take some nice pictures and get them up soon, or so I hope - I got my flusmounts from GraphicArtMoto so they're going on this weekend and hopefully I'll get some pics of the bracket, the pipe the flushies etc etc...

seriously - you're gonna dig the shit out of the devil - I just didn't want you to feel pressured...All I know is alot of people got the pipes and I've heard only great things and I love mine- thie pics do it no justice, when you see it in person it's gorgeous.

meanwhile, where are you coming from anyway? I'm on long island, so we have a bunch of guy s for super sunday going up - do you wanna meet us o the island or near the hutch or soemthing?
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