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Lights issue... Gauge no glow, Headlights no glow, Turn signals and brake are good

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I know this is simple.... but I can't find the thread for it.

Gauge cluster has zero lights, but does work, speed and all.
Brake light still works, turn signals as well.
License plate also doesn't work and I think that's what caused it.
I rode a few minutes with the wires for that light tucked in because the dang thing wouldn't stick to my undertail with the tape that was on it. So I went to the store to get new 3M Tape and now no lights >.<
Which fuse is it? Or something else? I assume fuse.
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Check the main harness connection in that the right upper fairing, pull the connector,and,look,for,corrosion
The plate lamp is fed by the same circuit as the rear brake light, so if one works the other one is likely bad. Either the bulb is out, or a wire is loose. If it is LED, then maybe the wires are backwards. It should be fed by a blue with red strip wire (Hot) and a black wire (Ground).

I was leaning towards a bad ground, but it may be the backup fuse (#5). Easiest place to start is to check all the fuses behind the left side mid (clutch lever side).
It was the 25 Amp Headlight fuse.
Left hand upper side fuse box. A white fuse.
Popped it up, took the spare and put that in, All works.

Thanks guys.
Your gauges light up now as well? I was almost positive the headlight fuse did not feed the gauges, which is why I didn't suggest that. Glad you got it fixed. :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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