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Little advice

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Hey guys/gals. i am new to the bike scene. i have wanted a cycle since i was little. i always wanted a yamaha. either and R6 or an R1. I just saw the 2002 R1 for the 1st tiem a few days ago. Man thats a nice bike. I was wondering if you could introduce me to the bike scene. maybe tell me some of the ins and outs of riding and a good price on a 2002 R1? And what the min. age for a motorcycle permit is in Minnesota. Thanks alot:rock
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I tell you right NOW, you are NOT allowed by ME to buy a motorcycle.

About the R1 and the R6. The ROCK :rock

YOU my friend, are NOT allowed to buy either bike.

The reason I say so.. you're 15 years old.

Maybe if you're like.. umh. Rossi. when he was 15.. I could allow you to MAYBE, test drive it at a closed circuit.

sorry to dissappoint yah. but really, you should think of getting one of these scooters.
i ave a little honda trail 70, its old and collectable and needs an engine rebiuld. I have heard that you can get motorcycle permits at the age of 15 here, but i am not sure. i know the R1/R6 rock and i wont be able to get one for a while cause its kinda tough to get aporx. 10k while being a student at HIGH SCHOOL
yow dude, do not......... and i repeat, do not get an R1 or even an R6, try gettin something small and light first.... so u can at least get a feel for the bike......

i have an R6 for 2 years now, and i'm 18 later this year.... i've ridden a couple R1's already for about 2000 miles or so....... and they both still have some big ass surprises for me.....

my advice, start small and work your way up. Peace.
What bike do you recommend??
WHAT? Another one???

C'mon, people can't be that dumb...can they?

Perhaps we should stop replying to the "I just got my permit, should I get an R1 or GSXR1000?" threads.

Or maybe have a section for new riders with all of our words of wisdom, so we don't have to deal with this every other day?

What do you think, Swedie?

Dynapar. Remember this one simple rule. You have to walk before you run. Actually you have to crawl, before you walk, but some people skip that part in their lives and then.....

Anyways, obviously you can't afford to buy a new R1/R6. That is a good thing for your offspring who would like to be born. :) When I was 19, I wanted a bike in a bad way and I was the same way you are. I also was smart enough to know how to not kill myself. Go to your local dealer, doesn't matter which one, and ask about a motorcycle safety class. THIS IS A MUST!!! It will help you understand how a bigger bike feels and get some tips on riding. It will also make it easier for you to acquire a license and get a discount on your insurance.

After that, my suggestion is to buy an old F2 or F3. Something older than a '95. Make sure it is a 600. This bike will have enough power for you to have fun, but at the same time it will also make sure you don't kill yourself. Once you are able to afford a bigger bike will probably be about the time you think you have mastered your old one. Which will be perfect.

A lot of people are drawn to the looks of a bike and don't quite understand how much power they have and what they are capable of really doing. Swallow your pride. A sportbike is a sportbike to any girl. She won't care what it looks like, she will just want a ride. I should know. I drove a P.O.S '90 ZX6 for 3 years. That thing was black, grey and BRIGHT PINK RIMS!!! My friends would always make fun of my bike, but girls still wanted to go for a ride and people still thought it was cool that I had a bike. Eventually I moved up to bigger and better handling bikes, but I will never forget my ZX6. I hated that thing, but it taught me how to ride and it kept me from killing myself. Alright, that is my speech. I am going to bed. If anyone else has something to say, please feel free to jump in if I said something wrong or left something out. Goodnight. :beer

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My 15 year old son rides an Aprilia rs250 on the track. He just went to Jason Pridmore's STAR school. Watching him get his knee down feels a lot better than a 16 year old crashing an R1.
I can tell you that insurance would be astronomically priced for someone your age on either of those two bikes.

I would recommend taking the MSF begginer course before you buy a motorcycle, they provide small displacement bikes for the course and if I remember correctly they award you with your motorcycle license upon successful completion of the course.

As far as recommending a good starter bike I would say a Yamaha XT 350. It is a Dual Sport bike and if you dumped it or had a small accident there isn't alot that would get damaged. Plus you could ride some off road trails to help improve your riding skills.

Ideally it would be best if you started out riding in the dirt first, if you fall the ground is softer and much easier on the bike.

At this point in time I don't how anyone under 25 can even find or afford insurance on a 600cc or larger sportbike.
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