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Locked ECU transport mode

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Hi All,
I have just purchased a flood damaged 2022 R1,
The dealer has stated that the bike will never go back on the road and the ECU is locked in transport mode so I can’t start it.
I have drained and changed the oil turned the motor over etc new plugs filter.
I am told without the dealers help I won’t be able to start the bike.
Anyone have any ideas?
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Can you borrow someone else's ecu and see if its starts up?
If it does start buy a used ecu.
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Thanks I purchased one from a 2019 hole it works
Have you tried starting it? if so what happens, and what do you see on the dash?
Hey mate, I have purchased a lock key and ecu set from a guy in the UK it’s still in transit. The dash lights up normal. Yamaha NZ field Service Manager Andrew Young was the guy who had made the decision that the bike would never go on the read again for safety reasons he says. It was fresh water and the bike is mint it came to about the top of the wheels. I have turned the motor over on the starter and flushed it with light oil and compressed air. There is no water in the engine. I found it hard to believe that Yamaha think they have the rights to the bikes ecu? I’m looking forward to hearing the swamp monster roar!
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