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A few long trips for me.
First in 2000. Victoria BC Canada to LasVegas and back in one week.
Two days to home, one night stop and I was on a 6pm Ferry in Vancouver to Victoria. 14 hours driving on the first day a 4 hour sleep and 12 hour for day 2 trip home. This was on an 1990 ZX6 Ninja

Summer 2002.
Victoria to Sanfrancisco and back. Day one did not end till 11:30 pm in Redbluf N.California. The remaining week was spent with a slower non-rushed ride back up the California, Oregon, and Washington coasts. This was on my 2001 R1. I used tensor bandages on my wrists to help fight the fatigue.

Summer 2003. Victoria to Calgary Alberta and back in 5 days. Also in my 2001 R1. It was during the the height of the fire season and did both directions in one day. There was a wonderful smell of bon fire in the air for 450 miles. Appx. 800 mile or 1300km each way i think.

The long rides are no problem if you not a smoker and your in the mountains. I feel really bad for my buddies on the praries. lots of road but not turns to break the bordom...
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