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LOL...guess my brother in law and me are the crazy ones...we rode from Palm Springs to Daytona straight through in 94...probably 2600 miles or so...38 hours and 1 flat ass rear tire. Have done the trip 3 times now...great time, but the first one was the only time we did it straight through. I would recommend you wear a pair of gel bike shorts, but make sure they are pretty loose or the boys are gonna be flattened out in no time! Make sure to pack a plug kit and one of those cans of crap that will inflate a blown tire, a good cell phone, a route that you have marked gas stations every 100 miles (you can get this for free from AAA if you are a member). Once you get about 300 miles into it you will want to stop every 100 miles to stretch anyhow! Try and find a buddy to go with you, and hopefully he has a different bike than you so you can swap back and forth. (I had a Ninja 1000R and my brother a gsxr1100 so we could change seating positions every fuel stop) If you get a tank bag, try and find one that is tall enough for you to rest your chest on, but not so large that its uncomfortable to ride with. Bring a Rain Suit!!! Get a pair of Gel Pro Grips...they are awsome for your hands although you need to trim them so they dont hang up on your bar ends. Get a cruise control of some sort also...I made a pretty good one for my bikes, you can find the cruise control thread around here somewhere with pics of it. The most important thing is to plan your ride and then try your hardest to stick to your plan, and make sure your bike is set up for you, get the position of your shifter and brake correct, get the angle of your levers to where they are the most comfortable (although on an R1 the space to angle your clutch lever is really limited), do a few 200 - 400 mile days before you jump on a 1000 mile ride just to see how you do. Once you break 400 - 500 miles it will feel pretty much the same from then on...every time you pull a lever it will be painful, every time you stretch out a leg you wont want to put it back in riding postion...LOL, cmon all you distance riders know how it feels!! I know summer hasnt hit yet, but I can already feel the urge to not stretch out my leg on that first long ride, cuz you know if you stretch it out once, the distance before you have to stretch it again is cut in half and pretty soon you are stretching your legs out every 20 miles or so...:lol

Anyhow, just prepare your self and you will have a really fun ride, take it easy and make sure to take plenty of breaks.
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