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looking for a pipe

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I'm looking at Akrapovic and Yoshimura ... any other brands I should consider ???

or maybe I should just get the new R1 so I don't have to re-jet the bike :D
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Tha Akrapovic has been proven best for the R1 so if you got the money go that route. A 2002 would be nice,just remap the injection and off you go.
I've got a Yosh just for a little more sound. Akro is the best for the R1 but I just wanted a little more noise than the Akro...I think the Akro is about 89db and the Yoshi is 92...Compared to D&D or Muzzy at a whopping 102DB....for performance....MIG or Akro....
Dont forget the M4 high pipe. It actually retains the pass pegs. (the slipon version) the full system does not.
I have a Wileyco (vee-lay-co) from Italy in Carbon. It's a S/O system, and it was about 250 shipped w/lifetime warranty.

I think it sounds damn good, and has AVERAGE fit and finish, only because of its clearance, or lack thereof, from the swingarm.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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