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Hey everyone,

I figured I'd post this on here instead of looking some place where I am not too familiar with. I know there are a few ppl on here who are web designers and who could possibly help me out. I am a Cadd Drafter/Designer who does 2D and 3D drafting/modeling. I need my peice o' crap website converted to an attractive flash website.

Here is what I need:

I bought a domain name from 1&1.com earlier this yr and used their "Website Builder" software to come up with a "good enough" website. I think it sucks. I am wanting something that will grab the attention of my potential customers and hopefully be entertaining at the same time.
I would like someone to develop a flash website for me with a music player that plays music in the background. I want to include some slide shows and some videos (that I will make) of my work. I want it to be fun to look at.

Can I even get someone to change my site now that I have setup one with 1&1's website builder? How does one change an exsiting site to flash? Can it be done?

I am looking for some quotes and some pricing and hopefully some examples of past work from you. I wont be ready to start this re-design of my website for another 4-8 weeks as I am preparing some material for it, but I am hoping to find someone now so I know where to go when the time comes.

If your intersted I'll PM you my website addy so you can see what kind of pages I am looking for.

Thanks Alot,
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