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Machined Spools for Redline...What do U Think???

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Hell guys. I've been looking into carrying spools on our site because customers continually ask if we sell the spools when we sell them a spool stand. After looking into selling other business' spools, I determined that the best route to go was machining my own spools to sell. I'm posting a few pictures of the ones I plan to sell on our site for $19.99 a pair (mounted on my R1) and also a picture of the spools that were on it. I didn't really like the conventional spool that was on it because they look rather nappy once well scratched up and because the manufacturer made the slot too wide, it allows the bike to swing from side to side slightly, which I do not like. These spools I also plan to send with stainless hardware and thread lock already on the threads. Once again my other spools were not stainless and I got tired of looking at the rust. So I'm essentially posting this thread to ask what you guys think. Do you think they will sell well with the spool stands I offer? As usual they would be warrantied for life as all of our products are. Keep in mind that no dimensions are set at this point. I may choose to make them slightly thinner or what not. A big thanks in advance for all the feedback.

Ian Gilmore
Redline Engineering
[email protected]
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dpenoyer said:
Send me a set and i"ll let ya know:sneaky
:rock :iamwithst
For realz They look sweet more bigger heavy duty looking. You should make the grove a little longer so the stand would fit ez. 5000 is kinda of a lot of money
Do you think you can make me some heavy duty bar ends like the spools with little groved ends?
Make them a little longer also so it will not only be a spool but also a swingarm saver/slider
i like them aluminum because if you powder coat them they will get all sratched up and look nasty( like above ). Besides its goes with the rear sets & levers
I measured the Yamaha stock spools on my bike and there were 1 inch & the bolt & spool were 1 piece. Maybe 1.5 or 1.75 inches would good.
R1formetoo said:
Fair enough, then how do you make them black. Anodize them, haven't seen black anodizing, does it exist? Any other ideas. And in reference to Moto's comment, I thought about that and its a good idea. They are about 1.25 inches long at the moment, you think thats long enough to effectively save a swingarm? I'll be glad to make a few sets of different length spools (when I get a lathe) and send them to someone who can then install them and push his bike over and see if they work. j/k

1 - 6 of 47 Posts
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