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Hi!... I know most of the guys here love to spend hours goind wheelies on they R1. But some of us don't! :).

So I been doing some research and apears that one of the best forms to stop your bike from doing (unvoluntary) wheelis is to change the front sprokcet with a something 1 or 2 teeth bigger, Is there something else that can be done to make the R1 less prone to wheelie ??

BTW. I know some people will hate me just for astking this!

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Welcome to the forum!!!

What is your body position when you are pulling accidental wheelies? Leaning heavily over the tank will really help keep the front wheel on the ground. Sitting upright and further back on the seat will make that front wheel loft for sure though! Good luck.


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Yeah, dont hit the throttle so hard

Seriously man, dont gear the bike up unless you want less acceleration and a 330 Km/hr top end.
Think about maybe adding a link to the chain and adjusting the rear wheel to the end of the swing arm to lenghten the wheel base, raise the forks through the triple clamps to lower the front end. Both these strategies will reduce the tendency to wheel stand but will upset the handling and are really only for drag racing. Get some throttle control happening bro. Me, I love wheelstands.
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