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1 - Scored a 15. I missed 4 or 5. I never did consider myself a breast expert though. Very little experience in that field.

2 - Sweet. This is a field I have more experience in. First priority when you've crashed your bike, get that thing back up on it's wheels where it belongs. Once that is done, you can take time to check yourself out.

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solo said:
yeah the camera man was an amatuer:yesnod

I think that the camera man was more concerned about a 400lb bike landing on his friend that getting the thing on video... Gota look out for your buddies you know:p

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Zoom Lense

O.K., you've got a good point shadow one. But you've got to admit that the bike standing up by itself and not even looking like it was going to drop in that one segment was pretty cool. I was surprised when the camaraman turned back that the bike had fallen so closed to him, it was like a zoom in!!

Hey though, if your point is that the CamaraMan should worry about his buddy, well then he was more worried about the rider than the rider himself. You've got to admit that the guy RIDING the bike didn't seem hurt, except for major ego hernia :lol

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I got 20 out of 20....but the only reason I did was because I live in Vegas and we're the "tittybar capital" of the world. :boobies


LOL....i love these little guys. There are some really good ones on the Texasracingforums.com they have a little fruity guy bouncing around. It was funny.


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