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Fowarded from [email protected] digest-

Mar 23rd, 2004, 5:57pm

Hey everyone, thought I'd give you guys a heads up.
I've just been
scammed with a FAKE Arai RX7 helmet. Not an Ebay scam,
but I think it
may be on there somewhere.

There is a guy going around forums named Helmet HOuse
in Redondo Beach,
CA. He has pictures and sends tons of them. I just
bought a new McCoy
Slide King RX7 Corsair size medium from him for
$300.00 shipped to me.
I gotta tell you, this is the best FAKE I have ever
seen. It came in
the right box, with all the labels, stickers, and
graphics. It's dead
nuts accurate, but, NO SNELL logo anywhere inside the
helmet. It uses
the old RX7 Liner instead of the new Corsair liner,
and has FULMER
stamped inside the shell under the liner instead of
So, I called Arai, and they said it is DEFINETLY a
fake. They also had
me ship them the helmet for inspection, and they are
going to send me
the real deal in trade, so thumbs up to Arai. They
aren't too happy
though that people are knocking off their helmet.

Also, this guys uses the excuse that he is broke so
that's why he's
selling it so cheap. This is a $600 MSRP helmet
so..... you get what
pay for.

According to Arai's customer service, and regional
sales rep., this is
the 4th helmet they have seen like this, and they are
attempting to
trace the source.

Buyer be ware: RX7 Corsair Slide King/McCoy ALL SIZES

I already got screwed by them

Justin Watkins
FNB Racing

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that sucks

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Man, that sucks. Sorry you got taken but thank you for sharing and watching out for us. Thats awesome that Arai is taking care of you.:)

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thanks for the note...sucks that you had to get hit with it...on the other hand sounds like Arai is keeping up to their world class customer service. :thumbup

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That sucks....

BUT... :thumbup Big props to Arai... They sound like a stand up company...

- BA
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