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Metzler M1 Sportec tires

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$140 for a pair of Metzler M1 Sportecs tomorrow at a bike gear shop here...

I have brand new Michelin Pilot sports? i believe.... since my bike's brand new.

ill probably run into a deal again but are they worth getting whether it be to replace them now or just let em sit around for a while...

dunno... what do you guys think?
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I had the M1's on my 2004 R1 last, and I liked them a lot better than the Dunlop 208. They last me about 4500 miles just driving to and from work mostly, so they wore out in the middle. The profile of those tires when new feel a lot better than the D208. I just put on some Pilot Powers, and they make the bike feel like it wants to lean hard in the corners, definitely for aggressive riders.
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