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Metzler M1 Sportec tires

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$140 for a pair of Metzler M1 Sportecs tomorrow at a bike gear shop here...

I have brand new Michelin Pilot sports? i believe.... since my bike's brand new.

ill probably run into a deal again but are they worth getting whether it be to replace them now or just let em sit around for a while...

dunno... what do you guys think?
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how much hassle is it to fit a 190 to your sv1000? i love those things and if i wasnt on the r1 i would be on the sv. But imho it is just right that a 1000cc bike should have a 190 :bash
someguy: can i put a 190 on the rear with the same wheel?

n00b question so what stFU!
that being said do you run a 190 on the track?

what are the advantages/disadvantages in stability/cornering/traction?

eheh well the one track session ive attended i ran the 190 and never felt that turn in was a problem.. i mean i feel that i can turn in faster than the tyres will stick so maybe i am a n00b :/

but i did spend the last 2 years on a zx6r which had a 180, and as far as im concerned once you get used to the r1 you can throw it around as quickly as a zx6r :)
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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