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mirror plates ?

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anyone know where I can get some mirror plates, those small silver or black brackets that cover your mirror holes when you take them off. Ive seen them in a few pictures, but cant find them anywhere.
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Just get some of those zip cable ties. Easy to put on, just cut 'em off when you're done with the track day.

They also won't crack the plastic and have a little more "give" if the worst happens.
also interested

waasssupppp riders, i am also interested in finding some mirror plates. iwas going to just zip tie them like i have previously on my ZX-6R but you cant cause there are not two holes. zip tieing wouldnt work for the 02. Are the older R1 like that? thanks for the help.
thanks tom. exactly what i was loking for!!!!!:thumbup
:thumbup :thumbup
yeah man, thats exactly what I wanted, love this forum. you guys make it happen:thumbup :thumbup
Or try these...

Check out the images in this thread.

I ordered these a while ago and they're still on back order! Is anyone positive that they'll fit the 02s? The chick on the phone told me that they do, but I don't know how much I can trust her.
they should, I took the mirros off my 02 the hole size looks the same as my old 00. Also I compared my bike side by side to another 00 with the mirros off the holes look the same size, anyway for $60 bucks they better fit cuase Ive ordered mines too.
Try www.schnitzracing.com
They have some nice mirror covers--I ordered a rear ride height adjustment linkage for my R1 a couple of weeks ago--received it in 2 days. From my experience--very good service

you can always find some old mirrors and cut the mirrors off and sand grind down the rough side ... cheap and same results.:thumbup
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