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Montez Stewart - fun while it lasted

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General Manager: Holden Is Replacing Montez Stewart On Jordan Suzuki Team
Oct 27, 2005

Copyright 2005, Roadracing World Publishing, Inc.

This just in via e-mail from Ken Abbott, General Manager of Michael Jordan Motorsports Suzuki, regarding Jake Holden joining the team:

Jake was offered the 3rd position on the Jordan Suzuki team next to Jason Pridmore and Steve Rapp. Pending contract signing, the plan would be for Holden to race both Superstock and Superbike classes on a Jordan Suzuki Superstock machine, (same as Rapp).

The Jordan Suzuki team will continue to focus on Suzuki GSXR-1000 equipment only, with technical support from Gemini Technology, Yoshimura, Dunlop, and BPD (Ammar Bazzaz). 2006 Team sponsors will continue to also include Brand Jordan apparel, Joe Rocket, Upper Deck, Hanes Underwear, Gatorade, Oakley, MMI/UTI, Vortex, Arai Helmets and several other key product sponsors.

Montez Stewart has been a valuable asset to the Jordan racing effort over the past 2 seasons, and we will continue to help Tez find opportunities in the sport. It is important for Tez to continue working on his riding skills, and stay dedicated to the sport and himself. He has a contributed a significant value to the sport of road racing, and inspired many people to continue chasing their dreams. The sport of AMA Superbike (road racing) has a new life thanks to Montez Stewart and James Casmay's efforts to get Michael Jordan involved, and we owe it to them to continue to create more opportunities for everyone involved.

Jordan Code:
"Be AUTHENTIC and true to your passion and yourself."
"Be UNCOMPROMISED in your demand for excellence...From yourself and others."
"EARN your success by working hard and bringing your best game every day."
"ASPIRE to be, and do, more than what is expected."
- Michael Jordan

Kenneth Abbott
GM - Michael Jordan Motorsports Suzuki


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tez got to live a dream that most of us could never know. he wasnt up to par compared to most of the ama grid, but could probably smoke 99% of our asses any day of the week.
pkracer21j said:
Yeah, but being nice as hell isn't what it takes to get to the top spot on the podium...:fact
apparently, neither does riding a factory ducati and being a former WSB champ...:fact

I run mid pack on the regional level, and would absolutely get my ass handed to me in an AMA race. However, if MJ approached me and wanted me to ride for him I wouldnt give a damn, i'd do it in a heartbeat!

Wouldnt YOu?:crash
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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