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With all this talk about the sport rider hp #'s, i thought i would post this info.Take what you will from the article.

From raodracingworld.com

F-USA officials have adjusted the horsepower limits for machines in the Formula Sportbike (750cc Superstock) and Sportbike (600cc Superstock) classes to suit the change from a Dynojet dyno to a Factory Pro Tuning dyno.

The Dynojet number for Formula Sportbike was 145 and the Factory Pro Tuning number is 122.

The Dynojet number for Sportbike was 115 and the Factory Pro Tuning number is 100.

The Thunderbike class pounds-per-horsepower limit has been revised from 3.8 to 4.0 horsepower per pound.

Factory Pro Tuning dynos read lower than Dynojet dynos. Factory Pro Tuning owner Marc Salvisberg maintains that his dynos produce "true horsepower" and that the readings given by Dynojet dynos are inaccurate and inflated.

Dynojet officials maintain that their dynos are accurate, and Dynojet has sold many times the number of dynos sold by Factory Pro Tuning.

The Factory Pro Tuning dyno at Daytona is being operated by Factory Pro Racing's Leigh Thomas.

Factory Pro Racing's Salvisberg claims that his dyno produces consistent readings without horsepower swings related to changing weather conditions.
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