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I kinda like that black/gray paint job...

- BA

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as far as i can tell, the R1 came out as the best bike. can anyone translate italian???

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TAFB said:
as far as i can tell, the R1 came out as the best bike. can anyone translate italian???

The archives tests Directory tests from 1961 If the test is not on the
situated one you can consult the directory here tests of review Six:
Home Page > > Tests > > Comparative 1000 (2004) the protagonists
Comparative 1000 superbike: poker of aces the complete article on
Motorcycling of March 2004 Summary On the faster circuit of the
world-wide SBK, we have put to comparison the new 1000 Japanese to 4
cylinders. The completed generational jump from renews models to you
of Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha reorganizes the performances of the
GSX-R, category former-Queen. The judge? Only one: the chronometer. In
favorable climatic conditions not sure (a cold afternoon of February)
there are threads the suit to you track for one full immersion of
adrenalin and horses. Protagonists of the test, the new superbike of
the Japanese Houses. With these models, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and
Yamaha play one beautiful slice of market, not only in Italy. From
years by now one says that the performances of the maxisupersportive,
for I use street, are tota

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This as far as the rectilinear ones. But in track? Beh, the freschezza
of the more recent plans is made to be worth, says the time to it on
the turn that ribalta once again classifies it: 1' 57"7 for the Yamaha
to which the Kawasaki with 1' is glue 57"9 while they take nearly
2"Honda and Suzuki that as better crono they have made to record
respective 1' 59"6 and 1' 59"7. These facts, hour the feelings to

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Hour but, you will want to know as they go. We leave from the cold
numbers of the maximum power to the wheel. The dynamometric bench has
sanctioned its truth: 150,76 CV for the Yamaha, 150,19 for the
Kawasaki, 146,29 for Suzuki and 145,39 for the Honda. It classifies
nearly invert for the maximum brace: 10,38 kgm for the GSX-R, 10,25
for the CBR-RR, 10 for the ZX-10R and 9,90 kgm for the R1.

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Comparative 1000 superbike: poker of aces the complete article on
Motorcycling of March 2004 the motion of the comparative one, of
series mounts covers in measures 120/70-17 to front and the 190/50-17
to the posterior one (with channel of the circle from 6 inches
invariably). For the test in circuit we have mounted the same one
marks and type of pneumati on all the motion to us: Pirelli Supercorsa
in stirs SC2 (intermediate between the soft SC1 and the hard SC3) with
the posterior one in measure 190/55-17, therefore with diameter of
greater tumbling, what that involves a lengthening of the relationship
of the final transmission.

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The choice has fallen on these tires us because they are those adopts
to you in the Superstock championship, true display window for
maxisportive 1000, since the motion must indeed be much similar to the
production model. Eccoci finally to the box to scaldare the motors,
part! Asphalt is cold, the climate pure but the adrenalin runs fast in
the veins and behind the visiera of the helmet the look betrays the
maximum concentration: it must understand which of these monstrous
ones superbike he is fastest in circuit. In order to dispel every
doubt and to leave the personal impressions only the description of
the guide feelings, a digital chronometer them is posizionato in
proximity of the instrumentation and to every passage on the line of
the goal it puts "I seal" on the time of every turn.

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Kilometer after kilometer increases the confidenza, the emergency and
the performance is attempted. The tester they alternate to the guide
exchanging itself the motion but not before having taken the
"measures" to ognuna. The times still come down, come down, come down,
until fastest between we trasecola when on the display mounted on the
R1 it sees 1' 57"7. No motion of series never had arrived a lot in our
hands. The others are all lì, under the two minuteren, glue the
Kawasaki, po' a more behind Honda and Suzuki.

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Here our "perfect turn" to Monza. In detached bottom to the
rectilinear one of box the first tremendous one: from 299 km/h it
indicates (nobody to you of the tachimetri marks 300 km/h) to
approximately 50 km/h. With the R1 the retrotreno it is lightened
without to hop while from sixth we climb until the second one favours
to you from the solid staple and the powerful refraining system. On
the Kawasaki the system antihopping helps the pilot because the ZX-10R
lightens the posterior one very. The refrained one of the CBR-RR is
powerful but sweet, it does not appeal to to us instead the staple too
much cedevole. Some hopping too much on the GSX-R, moreover not
ravvisato from the tester with the style of guide more "cleaned up".

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Varying, destra/sinistra before dry. With the R1 the wide handle-bar,
the drawn near rapportatura and the fluid distribution of the power,
facilitate this slow one "pif-paf". When the gas in curve escape is
reopened, the power does not lack but we notice that in order to find
the horses to the high regimes the technicians of Iwata have
sacrificed something in terms of brace to the lower-middle ones.
Similar the ease of handling of the ZX-10R that in escape of satisfied
curve the choice of one rapportatura po' long and one a supported
brace less to the medium regimes regarding CBR-RR and GSX-R. Honda and
schizzano Suzuki via from Before Varying with great fluidity.

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Via towards the Great Curve. Within third, then the quarter, fighting
in order to hold the attacked front wheel to the ground. We support
fifth and in apnea we enter in the mythical one curvone of Monza with
the saponetta that strip on asphalt to 250 km/h. The motion is behaved
very well, great directional rigor and remarkable solidity in support,
then opens progressively the gas in order to still see the 280 km/h
indicates to you before the detached one of the Varying Second gear.
It is come down of three marce and it is entered in the
sinistra/destra with the front "pinzato" anchor. The car-straightening
effect is null with Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki, is perceived instead on
the Kawasaki. We reopen the gas and here we have way to verify various
behaviors of the retrotreno: the monoshock-absorber of the Yamaha
"pump" primed from the fast change of direction but the traction never
does not lack, a lot that the R1 stretches to impennarsi leggermente.
Po' a more scorbutica but however the much effective satisfied
Kawasaki that only the absence of the steering shock-absorber.

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On the CBR-RR, after some pulled turn the manifest monoshock-absorber
a sure decrease of rendering, priming some winding opening wide the
gas in the violent acceleration in curve escape. Balanced the Suzuki
that unloads all the horses to earth with great homogeneity of
behavior. In third march we launch ourselves towards the first curve
of Lesmo, the confidence in the front chassis is fundamental here. The
R1 enters fluid, carried out in a flash and accelerates rabid. We make
in time to see the 200 km/h indicates to you in short the rectilinear
one that separates the two curves of Lesmo, we face the second one
scaling a march and we launch ourselves in careens towards the
reduction of the Serraglio. Promoted to full ballots the Suzuki in the
two curves of Lesmo, its most solid front chassis has put all tester
just the comfort. The Honda is most progressive in the reactions,
comes down fluid in fold and the motor has one always expectable
answer. Galvanizing the Kawasaki, in support is most solid and much
effective one in curve distance.

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To the Varying detached one of the Askaris it is arrived after the
light back that characterizes the reduction of the Serraglio; here
between quarter and the fifth front chassis of the R1 it is lightened
and that one of the Kawasaki gives the impression to raise itself from
earth. Just the time to support sixth and grabs hold of to us to the
brakes, climbing until third in order becoming part in before the fold
on the left. There is an incognito: the temperature on the left
shoulder of rubbers; to Monza it is turned in hour sense and the
curves on the left are only those of "they". The R1 decomposes a po'
in income and when we give again 190 gases to km/h indicates to you,
the left shoulder not enough warm door to increase the trajectory,
being forced to use all cordolo and the successive asphalt feature of
"the junior" track.

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We hold opened wide and accucciati in it careens "we tear" the
commando of the gas in Parabolic direction, with the threatening
ZX-10R to the calcagna. In varying distance of the Askaris the Yamaha
has manifested a light delay of answer "peeing" the gas, when need of
the first feature of opening is only had. To place also here the GSX-R
that detaches for ease of handling and reactivity, while the CBR-RR in
this fast change of direction makes to feel the higher weight of the
contenders. According to we this feeling is due also to the operation
to the high speeds of the shock-absorber of electronic steering.
Parabolic Direction. On the rectilinear one of return we state the
good aerodynamics of the four superbike, in particular the Kawasaki
that the pilot accucciato behind the cupolino receives dearly. The
motors urlano and impress in particular lengthen it and sound of
aspiration and the drainage of the R1, a compound between sibilo of
one the six hundred and the sound rauco from "1000".

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With she we attack ourselves once again to the brakes climbing until
third, march with which it is entered in Parabolic. It is covered in
constant acceleration passing to the advanced relationship. Ginocchio
the strip on asphalt and the elbow nearly imitates it; in escape, with
the heart in throat, a fast glance to the tachimetro gives like answer
234 km/h, a record for we! We pass on the goal and the display it says
1' 57"7. For all the test, with no other motion we come down under
that limit. The track has given its response. All the motors are to short race. E' the Yamaha R1 to having the
relationship more superpicture (also in order to lodge R-al.meglio the
5 valves for cylinder) and in fact is that one with the regimen of the
maximum power more high (12,250 giri/min) but the result of the
measures of bore and race does not change: it is for all 998 cc.
Summary the architecture of the propeller in any case previews the
drive shaft and the two gearshafts on various plans: Honda and Yamaha
have "the high" clutch, Kawasaki and "low" Suzuki. The electronics ago
from landlady are for the feeding are for the drainage, with powerful
electronic telephones exchange that command injectors,
parzializzatrici butterflies and valves. The CBR-RR has chosen the
solution of the double injectors, a set over the trombette of
aspiration, other four lodges to you in the farfallati bodies
directly: these last ones always work, those soprafarfalla take part
from the 5,000 turns in then in order maximizing the filling of the
combustion chambers. Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha they have chosen instead the solution mono-injector with double
butterfly, that one to goes commant them from the grip handle of the
gas, that one to mount managed from the telephone exchange (that it
commands also the valves to the drainage). In order to favor fluency
and thermal exchange the pistons in forged aluminum are subject to
complex workings that go very beyond the bringing back, since the
materials use you come practically "incorporate to you" in the sliding
surface. Important difference as far as the block is one cylinders:
also being of type closed-deck for all, on Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki
are in only piece with Carter while on Yamaha it is separated.
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