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Hi all !

I am new to the forum. Will have my new 02 silver R1 in 3 weeks in Canada (PQ). Had a CBR900RR before. Have snow here, and it's cold.

Very nice forum, thanks to all. ;)

I need to know if you are using some kind of bike alarm on your R1. What is the best kind to have ? (best value)

thanks for your times


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Salut CoolMike! :hellobye

For alarm systems I suggest what I think is the best i've found on the net : Scorpio alarms.


But for the best security i suggest to leave it in a garage or at least attached to somthing with a Snake lock.

On the down side, the alarm system is expensive and the snake lock is big and heavy... The bare minimum sould be a good disk lock.

En passant... où as-tu acheté ta R1 et combien?
Moi je l'ai acheté chez Monette Sports pour 12500$... elle est bleu et je l'attend toujours... comme l'été d'ailleurs.
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