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What's up everyone. I'm having a bit of trouble with something on my bike. Hopefully you guys can help. Any help is appreciated.

I purchased a sequential integrated tail light and flush mount turn signals from motodynamic not too long ago for my 2005 yamaha R1. I installed the tail light and turn signals as directed in the installation guide. I installed the sub harness for the tail light as well as the harness that was included for my turn signals. The tail light and integrated turn signals work fine with my regular head lights on but as soon as I turn on my high beams the left and right rear turn signals flash at a faster rate and when I turn off my high beams they go back to normal. I also noticed that my high beams flicker on and off and usually my left high beam goes out while my right high beam stays on and this was never an issue before I installed the tail light. I have no issue with the flush mount turn signals. I am running DDM tuning high beams and low beams 6000k 35w

I contacted motodynamic about an hour ago but prob won't hear from them until Monday but I'm trying to get this issue resolved. Thanks in advance.
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