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This is a recent experience I had with a vendor online. Not a vendor from here, or a member that I'm aware of, so I hope this is the correct place to do this.

So here's the story:

I've been wanting a wheel balancing stand for some time now. I had saved up a few bucks so I decided to pull the trigger and get one. I shopped around on the net and I came across a website that had a Bikemaster Wheel Balancing stand on sale. That site was Motomonster.com in Charlotte, NC. I did a bit of research on them and they seemed to have favorible reviews whereever I looked, but not a whole lot feedback on street bike forums since they seem to be primarily an outlet for dirt/offroad riders.

I ordered the stand on 10/4 and it arrived on 10/7. What great service. But when I opened the box, the only thing inside the box was the base of the stand. No other parts. I was a bit disappointed. I immediately called Motomonster. I took me a couple of days to finally get a hold of them because they were experiencing problems from the recent hurricane. I talked with the owner, Brandt Vojcek. He aplogized for the inconvienience and e-mailed me a return shipping label and said once he recieved the stand, he would ship a new one out to me. So I printed the label and dropped the package off at the UPS store on 10/10.

So today, I wake up and find that a package was delivered. Low and behold there sat my new stand! All parts were present in this package. It arrived even though the other package was still in transit!

Brandt at Motomonster, and the rest of the crew represent the highest in good business and great customer service. They are mostly dirt/offroad, but they have a great selection of tools and even tires from what I can see. If your ever in the market for something, give these guys serious consideration.

Thubs up to Brandt and the crew at Motomonster!
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