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Motorcycle alarms on Ebay

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What are your thoughts on purchasing one of these. Also several that I looked at said something about remote start. Remote start for a bike what is that all about.

Please give you suggestion or concerns. Any purchase that I would make would probably be from a power seller who has sold to many people.

Also how easy is it to install a motorcycle alarm.

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There is only 1 name in motorcycle alarms...Scorpio. You will be disappointed if you go any other route. Mine is 7 years old now and has been on 3 different bikes and I have had no issues at all. You can get a no frills alarm without the pager for 100 - 150 bucks but the pager ones are all in the 300 range. remember you are tying this thing into your electrical system...I wouldn't be tossing anything in there I wouldnt trust, especially in these days of electronic feul injections. Also, on a cheapo ..if it has ignition kill, I sure would hate it to kill my ignition in a turn doing triple digits. My scorpio has the option but I bypassed it. Just dont trust my life to a little black box.
Does anyone else use an alarm that is not from scorpio
true i never thought about that w/ the igntino kill i was gonna put an audiovox prestige car alarm on my bike but i dont no. anybody have some good instructions?
scorpio is the way to go.. they were just offering a special that if forum members purchased the alarm, they would get the oem wire harness, the backup battery system, and the perimiter sensor/ or the anti hijack... thats a 400 value there for only $300 plus shipping..

there is a thread somewhere about it.. i think its in the group buy section.. check it out..

since they moved this link does anyone have any thoughts on Alarms that aren't made from scorpio
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