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Online Motorcycle Scavenger Hunt

This is a motorcycle scavenger hunt, it's like a regular scavenger hunt but you and your bike are involved.
You don't bring the items back but take pictures of the items on the list.

The "List"


1. All photos must be taken after the list is posted.
The list will be posted on August 3, 2010 at 8pm EST.

Register by August 2, 2010 8pm EST.

After the list is posted, no registration will be accepted. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

2. Your motorcycle must be in the picture and/or yourself in FULL RIDING GEAR with the item on the list.
Example: A lighter
You holding a lighter in full riding gear = points.
Your bike with the lighter on your tank= points.
If you sitting on the bike, holding the lighter = double points.

You MUST be in full riding gear to get points!!
Whatever your riding gear is, helmet, gloves, and jacket must be on!!

3. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place and Most Unique/Creative Picture for prizes.

The squadron with the most entries also wins a trophy!!

4. Winners will be based on a points system. Each item on the list will have points assigned. Top 10 points winners in order of posts will be judged on creativity and composition to determine the winners.

5. Please do not violate any laws while playing this game.
Venom Squadron, R1-forum, and Sponsors will not be liable for you, your motorcycle or any laws broken and you agree that this is voluntary.

There will be a thread for posting pictures.

Please submit all pictures at once. Not one at a time!!
The points will be totaled and the top 10 point winners will be judged by a poll.
Most creative will be judged by a panel of judges.

When uploading the pictures please remember to number the pictures according to the items on the list and save the pictures as the number according to the list.
Example: Lighter is number 1, then save the picture as 1. If it's not in this format, you will be disqualified.

You have until August 9th, 2010 at 8pm EST to post your pics.

Please post your pics on photobucket or image software site and provide a link.
Points will be totaled and the top 10 point winners will be in a poll.

There will be a separate thread for the most creative/unique picture and a panel of undisclosed judges will judge these pics and once again a poll for the top 10 winners.

Once pictures are posted, no editing post-Editing a post will automatically disqualify you!! You have plenty of time to take pictures of the items on the list so this is NOT a race!!!

Pictures are judged on CREATIVITY so be creative, some of the items on the list are not literal so you really need to think about it before you find the items on the list.

$10.00 registration fee must be in BEFORE August 2, 2010 @ 8pm EST

Send registration fee via Paypal to:
[email protected]

Please send as: Personal/other.
Subject Line: Scavenger Registration
Message: Your screename and full name and squadron


Trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Most Unique/Creative Picture.

All winners 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Most Unique/Creative picture will also receive a Vortex shirt and stickers, compliments of Vortex Racing.

1st-$100/gift certificate towards accessories/parts/apparel for your bike.
Coupon from Vortex Racing.
1 year subscription to SportRider Magazine and Motorcyclist.
McCoy Flush Mount Turn Signals in either clear or smoke.

Creative Picture-Coupon from Vortex Racing.
$50/gift certificate towards accessories/parts/apparel for you bike.

Any forum vendors that would like to donate prizes, please PM me.


Meister37/Phantom Squadron
NetJester/Venom Squadron
Redgecko/Phantom Squadron
Steamboat/Dragon Squadron
Marce1o/Lucky 13 Squadron
JDollaz/Lucky 13 Squadron
Crimson/Venom Squadron
twist.grip/Ravage Squadron
chadwick/Smokin Aces Squadron

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So how do we know what the item we specifically need is?

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I'll be passed out then but I'll find it :lol

I am Captain ONE Testicle
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hmmm.... sounds like a blasty blast!

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