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Both the Yamaha U.S. website and my dealer show the MSRP for the 2004 R1 has been raised $100 bucks to $10,699.
http://yamaha-motor.com/products/unitinfo.asp?lid=2&lc=mcy&cid=5&mid=6 check the bottom of the page.
So this means because my R1 didn't come as ealry as other states I have to pay $100 more:rant WTF
Any one paying a deposit before the price went up should get the bike for the old MSRP of $10,599.

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If you put down a deposit, you should have a receipt! The receipt should show amount paid and balance due. If you have both of these, you will get the same deal!

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patience...!. right now dealers and suppliers are jacking all the consumers because they know they can.. supply& demand just that simple.. be patient ....wait a minute and you will find a better deal. if you must have it now, then be prepared to pay out the ass. unless you already have a deal in place. best of luck to you whatever you find.

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right now dealers and suppliers are jacking all the consumers because they know they can
Are you kidding?
Ever looked at the price of the R1 elsewhere recently?
The R1 is a gift in the U.S. and most likely sponsored by sales on other markets.
Want an example: My R1 is going to cost me CHF 20'700 what equals $16'400! And this is not due to huge taxes or anything like this. Switzerland is just considered to be a higher price market, so the Swiss importer is paying more for bikes from the factory!
So be happy with your $100+... ;)
This price increase by the way most likely is due to currency exchange variations.
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