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So when I do get a garage (hopefully soon). I will of course have to start the required collection of tools. So what would you all recommend.

I know the basics:
air compressor
floor jack
standard ratchet tools etc.

but what else have you guys got that you can't live without?

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Far too mnay to list comprehensively, but a few more include:

Jack stands
Torque wrenches in differing torque ranges
adjustable spanner wrench (Thanks martinc)
3/4 inch pipe stock, two sections each about 1.5 feet long
pneumatic tools
impact driver
PitBull front and rear stands
strap wrenches
allen drivers, various

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digital micrometer
breaker bars
tow bars
start with the basics.......tools are exspensive work up from there.

also youll need a mini fridge:beer
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