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Probably going to convert my bike for full stunt stuff, and put on race plastics.

I am looking to sell my HID setup. This would include..

1: Audi D2S HID Projectors, bulbs, ballasts, wiring to plug and play with R1 headlight harnesses

2: Mounting brackets for Projectors into 02 R1 headlight

3: 02 R1 headlight, a few broken tabs, but totally functional

4: Custom MIG Welded fairing stay i made to support headlight (since it had broken tabs)

Projectors would premounted and aligned (this is a major annoyance to do yourself.. i have taken the headlight apart no less than 5 times to get the alignment perfect) inside headlight for you. All you would need to do is pull your upper fairing and [optional] fairing stay, install the healight and new fairing stay, plug in 4 wires, and voila. You can probably get away with using the stock fairing stay if you dont want the welded one i made, but the headlight will jiggle slightly.. probably not even noticeable, but it bothered me, so i made a stay to support it.

Is anyone interested in my setup? I have well over 40hrs of R&D time into building this setup, and it would be a TURNKEY operation.. write a check, get a box, plug in stuff, voila. You also get to keep all your stock hardware, so you can convert back easily (20 mins) if you ever need to sell the bike, warranty claim, whatever.

Asking price would be $590, open to offers within reason (keep in mind i could just ebay all this stuff seperately and still make $550+). The HID's alone cost $400, fairing stay was at least $40 in metal + 8hrs time for me to weld, headlight has broken tabs but works perfectly (which makes it worth ~$100 or so), and the brackets and wires and other stuff i had to fabricate were around $20-30 probably. So, i am essentially asking less than the COST if you wanted to put this together yourself, not to mention time and frustration involved.

Pics and "how to" below, if anyone is interested in the effort involved..


HID R1 on left.. Stock Halogen R1 on right.


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i can do 475 shipped, I know it's a little low for you but it's all i can spare. let me know if your interested. paypal waiting. thanks
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