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I was on the job when I got a call from my boss (39 year old woman, 5'10") on Sunday afternoon. She said to meet here in front of this place nearby cause she just totaled her bike there. A lot of the time she rides her husbands Road Star Warrior, but when I got there it was her personal Honda Magna on it side with a pool of fluid underneath. She was heading north 30 to 40 mph and was approaching a "T" that went to the east. North to south doesn't have to stop. I guess about 20-30(?) yards from the "T" a van just pulls out right in front of her. The boss isn't really that skilled at riding (no msf; permit only, maybe 6,000 miles total experience) and she locked up the brakes and dumped it to the left side. She slid on her ass and rolled some I think off to the side. The van ended up hitting the bottom side of the bike as it slid past and spun it around. So the bike was actually facing the south when I got there. I sort of have this feeling that by dumping she ended up better off because she slid away. I really doubt she could have avoided the van by braking and quick maneuvers so she would have T-Bone it. She probably ended up better off because of the skid out.
Here is what she had on: Running shoes, ankle length socks, cheap jeans, a nylon windbreaker, no helmet, leather gloves. Here are her injuries: rashed knee (not to bad), small (dime size) rash on inner ankle, nylon burn on her elbow, something happened to her wrist but didn't have it checked out till next day.
She probably ended up going down at about 20-30mph. So later I said that this was slow speed wreck, and you had some minor injuries and luck, imagine a higher speed accident; you might want to wear your helmet. (She even has one.)
It is documented as the other person’s fault. The bike could be fixed but she hopes its totaled, because she wants something else.
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