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have resolved the issue of my chain snapping on my Raptor within 1200km of owner ship with the dealer.
Refer to this link if you want the full run down


As I have previously stated, I have to give the dealer the benefit of the doubt in regard to whether or not they missed a faulty link in the pre delivery road worthy.
It is also a cold hard fact that no matter what happened the dealer cant be held legally liable.
Whats more, I know for a fact that they did not instal the chain in question.

So heres the deal the dealer has come up with.

The will pay for a second hand engine up front and give it a 1000km warranty.
I will get to swap any parts off my damaged engine should that be required [Clutch, covers, regulator rectifier etc]
They will also sell me all required new parts [eg chain, sprockets, chain gaurd etc] at wholesale price.
This they are prepared to do with full transparency, ie I will see all invoices etc so I know that they are not making any money on the deal.

However, I have to pay for the motor and parts, but the dealer is prepared to let me pay them off at $100.00 per week on a "Gentlemans agreement"
The total bill be be close to $4000.00 but at least I dont have to come up with the cash and I wont pay interest on the balance.
If they had not offered to carry the cost, I would have been looking at March April next year before we could have come up with $4 K
They offered to instal the new engine but I have declined as I would rather do it myself as it will give me a chance to go right over the bike.
Whats more the project will be fun.

Not the perfect out come as a bike that cost me over $11 k will wind up owing me $15k in less than 6 months of owner ship.
But I will put it down to "Shit happens"

I am pleased that the dealer is at least helping out with the cost and doing it as cheap as possible.
I dont think I could really have expected any more.

I'm now looking forward to riding the thing again, and with a TLS engine in it, it will be more lively to the tune of 15 or so horse power

My thanks go out to Tim Marks & Wayne Leonard of Wayne Leonard Motorcycles here in Cairns
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