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Hey guys R1nzler here.

About myself:
Been riding since 2010. First owned a 2007 Yamah YZF600R, loved that bike. Did mods such as a R6 rear shock conversion with custom adapter, and -1/+2 for spiffyness. Had that for 4 years.

Purchased a 2003 Yamaha R1 in 2017. Got into an accident a couple months of owning it. I had taken a trip to PEI and on my last night there, an older gentleman pulled out infront of me. Caused me to highside over his van. My left ankle hit the top of his van and I went tumbling in the air. My gear was all banged up and I got some road rash on my hip.

Fast forward to today, I finally received a check from insurance and purchased another 2003 Yamaha R1. This time, I didn't fair well with the craigslist gods. Got the bike with 8k miles on it which is great, but was inspecting it after the purchase and realized the coolant was contaminated with oil. Could be many things, a pump failure, failed head gasket, or even cracked head. I'm a little discouraged from the purchase but we will get through it. Sucks that people will just do things to make a quick buck. Had I known beforehand, I would not have purchased the bike.

In terms of unrelated bike stuff, I'm also into cars! I drive a 2013 subaru brz supercharged. Its decked out with carbon fiber, and all a bunch of other goodies that I slapped on there. :)
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