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Well since I'm sending my can back to micron for resleaving now that the red has turned pink. I figured I'd get off my ass and get some shiz done. Well here's what I've got planned and in the works already.

Paint hugger, tanksides, and inner farings black base/clear

Get off my butt and install my full system now that I finally got my midpipe polished, maybe custom make a exhaust bracket too.

Take off the rest of the AIS system, using throttle-cntrl's instrutions I got from MartinC's website.

Install Jim Alhman's plug and play speedo fix and hopfully get the local "athority" figures to help me set my speedo up.

I need to get a power commander so I can get it all done and out of the way but since the wifey is getting a new bike kinda need to wait and get a few things for her bike after we pick it up.

Can anyone else think of something else I need to be installing while I'm down this far? I'm not gonna do the slide stop's since I'm not screaming at redline all the time or a box b/c I dont want to trim up the farings.

Oh I'll have my highmount pipe(no can), brackets and spacers(all polished) for sale if anyone wants to make a offer on it.

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