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Hi everyone,just want to share what I been working at for a whole winter and finally ITS ALLLLIIIIVVEEEE :D

Thought instead of keeping my old engine for parts Ill give it a go with some mods,and I end up building another 5PW for track lol

Mods done:
*head has been planned and ports has been drilled out
*YEC cam shafts
*YEC 0,25mm head gasket
*Exup has been removed and disabled
*AIS in the bin
*custom air box
*BMC air filter
*PCIII usb with custom map
*Shortened Yoshi RS3 end
*Dynojet quickshifter

That for upgrades,everything went surprisingly smooth withouth bigger problems,all bits along job done were replaced new (valve seals etc)
I had a slight problem from around 9,3k rpm,she was playing on revs,wrong after values on each cylinder trim,but asked my mate for help so gave me a couple of ideas for better air box mod and after a couple of dyno runs I squezed out 161bhp at the back wheel :D



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Awesome! Man I'm dying to build my own.
Bike looks ready to kick some modern superbike arse :machinegu

If I ever manage to pick up another 03, I'd do the same. Otherwise my bike will be getting some track fairings soon..

Don't forget to report back with the results on track!

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I'm sure the YEC parts set you back quite a bit, looks good. From the dyno it seems you've got yourself a nice little increase in power throughout the entire range - enjoy it!:thumbup:
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