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Need gearing advise

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I'm not to familiar with with changing the sprocket sizes. I have an 04, would it be better to drop the front down to 16t or go up on the rear. Thanks
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Cheaper to drop one on the front. I think someone posted this in the mods section.
I went back to get the link but can't find it to save my life. Anyway, he used the stock 16t sprocket from an '03.
Personally I would go (2) up on the rear. This will provide a noticeble bit of added ooomph without being so radical as to compromise all around streetability. Also the front sprocket has a proportionately much greater load per tooth and tend to wear more quickly. Adding a couple of teeth in the back will slightly shorten your wheelbase which depending on the bike and suspension settings effects handling in many ways, but "generally" quickins handling at the expense of stability. It also leaves a bike less inclined to keep it's front wheel on the ground under hard acceleration. Incidently if your seriously into reduction of unsprung mass you can choose from a wide variety of special hardened aluminum alloy sprockets.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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