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Need help and info

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I just got my carb sync tool and I think that I know the place where I need to attach my vaccuum lines however there are only three allen head bolts in the upper manifold under the carbs, the other one is a vaccuum line nipple with a vaccuum line attached to it. Am I trying to attach the sync tool to the right place? If so then do I just need to remove the other three screws and attach to the left most cylinder via that fixed inlet and plug that vaccuum line?

Please help

Thanks :thumbup
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Here's a scan of the manual. hope it helps


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Thanks Swedie. I think that I have the correct location on the intake where they go, I tried to take a picture of the carbs but the location of the intake is to dark and the images came out to blurred. It just seems like there is one cylinder that connects different than the others, has anyone here tuned/synced their carbs before? Oh yeah I have a 2000 if it matters.

Thanks again Swedie.
Hey homeskillet, I haven't synched the carbs on an R1, but on the bikes I have done, there is usually one carb by which the others are adjusted to match.....that might explain the one odd vacuum attachment, it being the reference carb??:p
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